Q: Why should I look into landscaping services?

A: A professionally designed and installed landscape grows in value each year and can add to the value of your property.

Q: Why Bernardins?

A:  With over 30 years of experience we give you a firm price quote so you will know the exact cost of the service. From the initial design to the finished landscape, we assure the project is completed to your satisfaction.

Services offered by Bernardin's Landscaping:

Spring Clean Up

This is one of our most popular services!! Our professional crews arrive at your home, clean up all your beds of winer debris, cut back perennials, and add fresh hardwood mulch.

New Construction Design & Installation

We can design a landscape for your new home using trees, shrubs, and  evergreens and add color with perennials, annuals, and roses .

Re-Design of Current Landscape

We refresh and renew your current landscape by removing overgrown or outdated materials, adding a new overall look to your home.


These are slight elevation changes, mounded gently and planted with appropriate plant material.

Mailbox Gardens

By adding plant material to your mailbox area, it sets your home apart from the others.  This also ties in your front design with the parkway area.

Perennial Gardens

Adding a perennial garden to your plan will add interest, color, and drama to your landscape.  We can incorporate arbors, benches, and statuary to tie it all together.

Annual Gardens

We can plant annual flowers in your beds to add a splash of color.


Containers can be planted to match your outdoor decor.  We like to call them "Portable Gardents".  These can be added to your patio or steps.

Monthly Maintenance

This service is for the client that wants shrubs maintained, clean beds of weeds (sprayed if needed), apply Preen, a weed preventor, and maintain annuals as needed.

Inground Pool Area Restoration

Your pool is in, now what do you do?  We will restore your pool area and add patios or walkways.

Paver Brick

We use products by Unilock, Belgard, and Paveloc. We install:
*Walkways and Paths
*Seat Walls
*Retaining Walls

Clean & Seal

Our crew arrives at your home and moves all of your furtinure and/or pots. (For exceptionally large item(s) we may require homeowner to move item(s).) We pressure wash your pavers adding paver cleaner that is specially formulated for your Unilock pavers.  Our next step in the process is applying jointing sand, followed by the sealing process.  This sealer is water based and has a four year life span.

Purposes for Clean & Seal: *Removes stains and old joint sand. *Seals joints to prevent weed growth *Brings out the natual color of your pavers

Sod & Seed

Sod- 5 blend sox, XL2000 Bluegrass

Seed- XL2000

We offer sod restoration too.  This service removed the dead or damaged sod are and it is reseeded or sodded after preparation.

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